Delicious but not necessarily magical!

Miracle foods and supplements make good news stories, especially when they are purported to reduce obesity. Raspberry ketone is the latest miracle and it has received a storm of media attention since Dr. Oz endorsed it on his show. But is it the answer to your weight problems?

Raspberry ketone is basically the smell of raspberries, used to enhance the odour and/or flavour of various products. It occurs naturally but it’s very expensive so most of it is synthetic. It is said to regulate your metabolism so that you burn fat more quickly—but that hasn’t really been proven. There simply hasn’t been enough research to form the opinion that raspberry ketone will make unwanted pounds magically disappear.

The health risks related to obesity, for individuals and even businesses , are serious, so it isn’t surprising that people want to lose weight quickly and easily. But is it healthier to eat junk food, stay up too late, avoid exercise, and live in constant stress just because you’re thin? Losing weight is good because it’s a symptom of a healthy lifestyle, just as profitability is the symptom of a well-run company.

Losing weight requires lifestyle changes, not magic bullets and miracle substances. Eat fewer calories and make sure you are eating high-quality calories. Get some exercise every day. Meditate or find other ways to lower the stress in your life. Commit to getting enough sleep. By adjusting your habits, you can lose weight without worrying about whether miracle foods or supplements exist.