“This book is humorous, insightful, and timely given our 24/7 mentality. I loved the book!”
– Patricia Lovett-Reid, host of MoneyTalk on the Business News Network

“Our culture pushes the mantra, “You can have it all!” Yet, for many, “having it all” costs them dearly through debilitating stress, failing health, unbalanced lifestyles, suffering relationships, anxiety over finances and overall disappointment with quality of life.”

The Healthy CEO bookEnter The Healthy CEO, a book that is designed for those who want it all, and still want to be around to enjoy the fruits of their labour. With a gentle guiding hand, author Dr. Larry Ohlhauser will lead you on a journey to regain your physical, relational, and financial health- almost painlessly. Once you decide to take the first step, change has never been so easy.

Great care has been taken to develop The Healthy CEO and its accompanying workbook to benefit everyone. This isn’t difficult medical language to wade through it is accessible to all. Dr. Ohlhauser presents each fact in an imaginative manner through the fictional characters of Frank and Katie Johnson, a CEO and an entrepreneur trying to make life, love, and living, work. The book is divided into three parts that work intricately together to overall wellness.

In each of the three lifestyle categories, relationalfinancial, andphysical, Ohlhauser provides a complete but concise overview of the best information, the latest research, and the most helpful expert advice. He discusses topics such as diet and exercise, disease prevention, stress management, relationship intimacy, and investment and retirement planning strategies, to name only a few.

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