We Canadians are a hearty bunch when it comes to surviving our climate’s long and cold winters, but sometimes those endless short days can still drag us down.

This is especially true for professionals whose careers limit their exposure to sunlight. People in such positions may get only a few minutes of sunlight for days at a time. This lack of sunlight has been scientifically linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder, but there are ways to prevent the “winter blues.”

The Healthy CEO encourages people to pursue a healthy balance in their lives; even minor improvements to one’s lifestyle can have significant benefits. The weather is obviously beyond our control, but there are other things within our power that can help us fight off winter depression.

Important aspects of the total health and happiness that is central to The Healthy CEO philosophy can be applied. They include:
-eating healthy
-avoiding binge drinking
-treating yourself
-staying well-rested

You’ll notice that these are not new solutions. If you were looking for a miracle solution, there really isn’t one. You’ll just find basic common sense guidelines for maintaining health and happiness. But the power behind these basic steps lies in one’s own innate need to change, to take action. If we take control of our everyday well-being, as recommended by The Healthy CEO, it only makes sense that we will be better equipped to handle a trigger of the “blues,” such as lack of sunlight, in stride.

More than any other season, now is a good time to take responsibility for our health and happiness. After all, we still have quite a few more short winter days before spring arrives.