Executives and leaders in every industry are improving their personal and professional lives, those of their employees — and their bottom line —with help from Dr. Ohlhauser and his no nonsense approach to finding optimal health and work life balance.

“Your presentation was right on the target…delivered in such a way that all present were hanging on your every word. You stepped up to the plate and delivered a grand slam! An outstanding presentation.”

-Don Lavoy, CPP, CRM Seminar Committee Chair



Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser


An expert in corporate health and wellness, Dr. Ohlhauser is a physician, consultant and motivational speaker who specializes in helping organizations identify and address the real issues related to employee absenteeism, loss of productivity and conflict.  He recently was awarded the highest international recognition for professional speakers, the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

Dr. Ohlhauser has motivated audiences worldwide with his passionate approach to well being and his opposition to the current practice of writing prescriptions for all that ails us. Based on his popular book, The Healthy CEO, Dr. Ohlhauser delivers powerful, interactive, fact filled and personal messages to executives and employees from all walks of life to help them take control of their physicalrelational and financial health. Discover custom solutions for you and your business with Dr. Ohlhauser’s wellness and self-development programs.